Kirsty has been emerging in and indulging herself in fashion long before she became a certified Fashion Stylist. Through extensive travel around the world pre children and constantly researching current trends through various platforms, Kirsty has developed a refined skill to educate both men and women on how to dress not only for their body shape and size but also their lifestyle. 

As a mum to two very energetic, sport loving boys,  when not shopping with new clients or styling photo shoots including her Monthly Must Have campaigns with her Two Mum's Talking partner Claire Chadwick, Kirsty can be found watching her boys play soccer and enjoying Sundays at the beach with her family. As well as a fashion addict, Kirsty's other guilty pleasures includes way too many cups of green tea and glass or two of bubbles at a day at the races where she likes to frock up and join in on a little Fashions of the field action.

As a busy mother herself, Kirsty knows how hectic life can get and the importance of having a fabulous wardrobe that will help you make the most out of lives opportunities.

Kirsty has a goal to empower you and help you gain the confidence through your wardrobe to hunt down that dream career or even just get out of the car and feel confident standing waiting for the kids at the school gate. No matter your mantra.

Shopping is Kirsty's passion so why not let her help you!

Kirsty is an excellent choice for workshops for corporate clients and retailers wanting their staff presenting themselves well. She is an engaging and beautifully spoken woman with great style and the ability to teach and inspire others.