New creatives!

New creatives!

Having Hair and Makeup artists in our agency has been fantastic. We initially thought that we would have our hands full representing photographers only and whilst this is true in theory, in practice we were subcontracting Hair and Makeup freelance artists for jobs constantly anyway. The obvious next step was to bring those who were interested in representation into the Illuminate creative family. It has meant that our bookings are often now all Illuminate crew, with Fashion stylists, H & M and photographer from all booked. Occasionally we have sourced the photographers assistant as well and the retoucher. 

The clients couldn't be happier, it is a one stop shop that is proven to give smooth results. With our teams delighting in working together and testing, they know each other well now and the clients can see what they achieve as a team. It is all good news!

Recently we have signed on Mia Connor the hair and Makeup artist who has a business at the Gold Coast and is well known and respected. Also we have signed on Candice Darbois a retoucher with an incredible resume that is on our Bio page if you want a closer look. We now have two Fashion Stylists and are hoping for perhaps one more but we are growing this side of the business in line with the new demand for this service. 

Below is an image of Mia Connors makeup work.

Mia Connor makeup

Below is an image of Bonnie MacLeods styling work.

Bonnie MacLeod Fashion Stylist

Below is an image of retoucher Candice Darbois work.

Candice Darbois retoucher

Karmyn Thomas Fashion Stylists work.

Karmyn Thomas Fashion Stylist