It is our pleasure at Illuminate Management to represent Haze Alieu, very recently relocated from the UK to Brisbane.

Upon the completion of his photography degree in 2011, Haze contributed and managed numerous projects while collaborating with art and fashion brands and publications on editorial and commercial works.

He gained great technical awareness in the aspects of photography and art direction such as lighting and camera set-ups, layout design and commissioning.

Haze is very passionate about creativity and takes great pride in his work, both photography and editing.

For the past year, Haze held the title of Acting Picture Editor for SHOP Magazine, a globally distributed travel and luxury publication with a readership of 4 million plus.

Within his role as Picture Editor at SHOP, he work across 50+ international print titles, covering the major shopping destinations across the world.

This experience has equipped Haze with a strong knowledge of the luxury fashion brands and shopping scenes in major cities across the globe, both from a commercial and a creative perspective. 


In addition to the aforementioned, Haze is also the co-founder and creative director of Tirade Magazine, a biannually printed publication focusing on high fashion, art, culture and lifestyle.

In 2009, while still studying at the University of East London, Haze opened and managed his photographic studio (HZV Studios), this along with his passion for creativity allowed him to sharpen his skills in the arts.


For Haze photography is a way to express and art direction is a means in which to communicate with the reader visually and emotionally.

Whether working with a team on a major publication or individually on a solo publishing project, Haze finds ways to channel his creative ideas to visibly fit the brief.

Along the way he has learnt that one of the most important things is developing a good understanding of the clients needs and the project outline, this always determines the outcome of the project.

His motto is simple, plan and then plan again, as talent alone does not make you successful as a photographer or editor.

Examples of this remarkable creatives work are best highlighted in his role as Creative Director and Art Director for Tirade Magazine.

He is a formidable talent and an asset to our industry.


Areas of Expertise

Photography - Fashion, Beauty, Editorial, Commercial, Advertising, Still Life.

Pre-shoot Plan and Consultation

Studio Lighting, Post-production

Creative and Art Direction, Layout Design

Picture Editing, Magazine Proofing

Extensive Picture Researching, Copyright Knowledge