Thanks Liz! You are a star for being so calm and ready. Appreciate it x 

Client - Freddie

Am I allowed to post this shot yet? So excited! Love all the shots Elizabeth Maleevsky!

Client - Ingrid

I just wanted to say thanks again as the dream teams  images were the icing on the cake. 

I hope you have a great Christmas 

Client - Elle 

Outstanding Service. Thank you and I look forward to working with you again for Summer 2019!

Client - Fiona

OMG!!!! THE VIDEOS ARE AWESOME!! Thanks Liz, Dane is fabulous! xx

Client - Deanne

Elizabeth Maleevsky- Grinter, thank you kindly for looking after Elle and creating beautiful images; I was keen for Elle to work with you again, a perfect trifecta, I felt that it would give you all the opportunity to bring to completion, the narrative you had started 12 months ago and capitalise on the rich working relationship you all share, and judging by the proof sheets it was a resounding success. Tracie Weaver and Karmyn Thomas have also produced stunning results, as always!A special thanks to Liz Golding for bringing the star team together one more time and for everything else Liz does so quietly and seamlessly in the back ground to facilitate this memorable and formative experience for Elle.

Client - Mike - Elite Australia Models

Omg. It was an incredible day. Mark Sullivan-Bradley is a legend, as are you for being so helpful Liz. Can't wait to see the results!!

Client - Helen


Kirsty Ashe was gorgeous, we love working with her.

Client - AMP


Jim Jirarnuttaruj was awesome.  He’s super efficient and did a spotless job without me having to ask one single change or touch-up.

Client - Justin


HI Liz, Thanks for everything.  Will forward the payment to you within next day.

Thanks for your professional advice and for Elizabeth Maleevsky's beautiful work.

Big hugs to you both from us.

Thanks again and all the very best for you and Illuminate,

Client -  Fiona.


Dear Liz,

Thank you so much for organising yesterday!!!

Karmyn's styling was amazing and the looks were so perfect!!!

Every detail was fantastic...

Thanks so much

Client - Rashelle


Oh my God Thor. The photos are sooooo incredible. U blow me away.

Client - Dui


Thor, I'm crying like a baby!!! So happy with the photos!!!!

Client - Nat


Good morning Elsa Dillon, Richard Dillon and Chelsea Brown,

These photos are incredible 

Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to shoot and style with Ella last Friday

We are both blown away with the feed back and exposure she has received from your incredible images. These photos have been shared and liked on so many platforms it really is so very exciting.  

For Ella at her young age to have these kind of experiences is amazing and incredibly humbling. For her it's about learning and growing from each and every shoot and wow has she walked away with some incredible advise and wisdom from you both.

We are both truly grateful and hope to shoot with you again in the future  

Client - Jane


We are so happy with the shots cant wait to see them once they are edited and online!!

The house location was great, so much better than the beach and it turned out more resort looking which is what we were after.

Client - Georgia


Thank you Liz for your invoice on Tyson Lloyd's behalf.

Please pass on my gratitude for Tyson’s professionalism and expertise. He was a joy to work with and we are extremely excited to view the finished product!

Client - Nadine


The shots look amazing! Marks great to work with! Thank you so much for your assistance :-)

Client - Katharina


I just wanted to touch base and tell you how fantastic everything was yesterday.

Mark Sullivan-Bradley and Tracie Weaver were a dream to work with and the shots will look fabulous.

Thanks for making everything so easy.

Client - Roxane


I just wanted to say thank you very much for the shoot and please thank Elizabeth Grinter, Tracie Weaver and Karmyn Thomas so very much for the beautiful images and the fun time.

Client - Elle

Mark Sullivan-Bradley was fantastic! Very professional and have great directions to the girls.
Client - Jacqui
Thanks for all your help last week Liz, the girls were Brilliant. (Megan Braunberger, Sheri Vegas and Tracie Weaver doing hair and makeup)
Client - AZB Creative.

It is always a pleasure to collaborate with Liz Golding/Illuminate Management.

Having Liz narrow down the model, photographer and hair and makeup choices is an enormous help.

Furthermore, her choices have been great.  The assistance that Liz gives us with regard organising our shoots and co-ordinating the various parties is invaluable.

Thank you Liz for ensuring our shoots run smoothly and the finished result is the high standard that we expect.

Client - Lisa Brown


I was so impressed with Jess Cagney's hair and makeup skills that I wanted to put her in my pocket and take her home to LA with me.

She was so quick and professional and nothing seemed to be a problem, even when I talked and moved my head around constantly!

I think Jess could get work with any of the leading television networks in the US with those hair and makeup skills, she is polite and gorgeous and I’ll definitely use her again when I’m back in Australia.

Erin Brockovich


Thank you so much guys! Love love love them all!!!! Perfect in every way xoxox Mark Sullivan-Bradley!

Miss Holly x


You were right.  I can't stop looking at exciting for our new look catalogue and website!

Thank you once again. Elizabeth Grinter!

Client - Sylvia


Elizabeth Grinter was absolutely wonderful and the weather held off just long enough to get some good shots!  I look forward to seeing the proofs.

Thanks again Liz for arranging the studio, model and photographer for us.  It was a really fun experience.

Client – Alys


I just wanted to let you and Sam Thies know that we are getting such amazing feedback about the "hero" shot (butterfly girl) that we are using to launch the new gallery.  

We have never had such great feedback about a specific shot before.

Client – Warren

Thanks for making things so nice and smooth for me. Elizabeth Maleevsky - Grinter and Megan Braunberger were both great and I learnt heaps. If I could do a shoot everyday I would. I think we were all in such a rush to leave though that I don't think I thanked Elizabeth and Megan! So next time you speak to them can you pass on my thanks for me please?
Thanks heaps Liz!

Client - Daniel


Good to see Nadia Masot is back on the scene. She’s very talented!

Client – Karen


 I absolutely loved working with Elizabeth Maleevsky - Grinter, her work was just amazing.

Client - Kristie


Nadia Masot is one of the best photographers I came across in recent years. She did a great job in shooting over 70 items lately. Put her on your list for your next commercial photography job.

Client – Sam


Nadia, once again, thank you so much for your hard work last week!

Lucy my manager was incredibly happy with the lighting.  Sorry this has taken me so long we have had a crazy week in the office!

Client – Kate


After a lot of thinking Lisa has decided to definitely go with Thor. She was very impressed with him and his work. She has wanted to use him on previous shoots and he has always been booked.

Client - Lisa


Nadia, You Legend!  We are pretty much over the moon with these shots! Nothing we wanted changed at all and really couldn't be happier with everything. Thank you for your awesome work! I am so super pumped for next years campaign and where our company will be heading with these exceptional images.

Client - Otto


Photos look great!

Thanks again Liz for letting us use your home for the shoot and for all your help on the day!

Please thank Elizabeth Maleevsky - Grinter for us as well.

Very happy with the finished product!

Client - Jonathon